Interactive exhibition

SalMar Salmon Center

Which technologies are used in salmon farming? What is a smolt? How does the salmon feed smell? SalMar Salmon Center has the answer to these questions. In our interactive exhibition you will gain insight into Norwegian salmon farming.

You will also see how SalMar remotely operates the feeding by using advanced technology. The smallest kids can enjoy our playroom.

Opening hours

Monday-Friday 09:00-15:00 Saturday 11:00-15:00

Price: Free entrance to our exhibition.


Kunnskapsparken Finnsnes, 1st floor, Bernhard Lunds vei 4, 9300 Finnsnes, Norway

SalMar Salmon Center

SalMar Salmon Center is owned and operated by SalMar Farming – a company in the SalMar Group.

SalMar Salmon Center